conceptual artist

painting, sculpture, video, audio, performance

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Jen Mann b. 1987

Lives and works in Toronto.

OCAD -  BFA (2009)


Jen Mann is a conceptual artist whos work mainly focuses on the idea of self in a post-internet world. Influenced by social media and popular culture, Mann riffs on what it means to be, and how we understand ourselves through the lens of the corporate gaze.

Working in many mediums; painting, film, sculpture, and sound, she is mostly known for her large-scale portraiture. Mann often weaves comedy and absurdity with other deeper and serious concepts to create emotional juxtapositions within her work. 

The elaborate meta worlds within worlds she creates, take on lives of their own, and question our identities, reality, and life as seen through the lens of corporate American media. 


Jen is the winner of the Kingston Prize in 2015, Canada's biennial top award for portraiture, she has worked with major clients including CIBC, Red bull, and Absolut. Below you can see a selection of articles and interviews that have featured her work. Mann has been featured on CBC, and Vice, and has shown her work throughout Canada, USA, and internationally.


What it Means to be in Love in Full Colour

What it Means to be in Love in Full Colour

Painter Jen Mann's massive light-infused portraits are inspired by colour, curiosity and personal interactions. »Subscribe to CBC Arts to watch more videos: Jen Mann has been painting portraits of her partner's face, over and over. It might feel like she's searching for something in his features, and she kind of is: "You don't understand even the people you're closest to." So the images of the object of her love are often obscured, blurred or, in the case of Moon, inaccessible — except if you use your phone. (More on that in the video.) These hyperreal portraits are the signature of Mann's work — light hits skin in the most vivid and almost palpable way, and faces take shape through her use of super-saturated hues. Colour is as much a subject of her work as people — she even writes poetry about individual tints. In this video, you'll join Mann in her studio as she explains how colour, curiosity and very personal interactions function together in her work. She says: "I use it the way that I see it, but somebody else is going to see it differently, and that's just emphasizing this idea that we don't really understand each other." And you'll find out why her painting Moon is going to require pressing a few buttons to really see. Find us at CBC Arts on Facebook: CBC Arts on Twitter: CBC Arts on Instagram: About: CBC Arts is your destination for extraordinary Canadian arts. Whether you're a culture vulture, a working artist, an avid crafter, a compulsive doodler or just a dabbler in the arts, there's something for you here. What it Means to be in Love in Full Colour
Selfie culture, and the painted self


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