conceptual artist

painting, sculpture, video, audio, performance


Jen Mann b. 1987

Lives and works in Toronto.

OCAD -  BFA (2009)


Mann's work is underpinned with a wry sense of humor and a sharp tongue. Linguistically and aesthetically clashing, creating cynical and sardonic worlds of her own delights and dismay. Looking at our culture's obsession with self, Mann partakes ironically and wholeheartedly in an endless and tunneling pit to the center of the human existential experience/dilemma/crisis, where she finds her'self', in all her glory, or none of it, naked, dressed in glitter, crying, and laughing, making it all up as she goes, but meaning everything in such a deliberate way it could not be mistaken for chance.


Jen is the winner of the Kingston Prize in 2015, Canada's biennial top award for portraiture, she has worked with major clients including CIBC, Red bull, and Absolut. Below you can see a selection of articles and interviews that have featured her work. Mann has been featured on CBC, and Vice, and has shown her work throughout Canada, USA, and internationally.




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STUDENTS: If you are emailing for a school project please see the documentary, interviews, and articles before contacting. An analysis of an individual piece/interview for a school project will not be given. All of Jen's work is copyrighted, do not copy, or make derivative works.

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